Drive-by Meditation

by Sarah Kovatch

One Friday last month, I drove home tense and annoyed from spending a day in limbo at our Honda dealership. I pulled into the garage with our minivan problem still unsolved and knew I only had an hour before picking up Angus and Anna from school, and I stamped the day UNPRODUCTIVE.

Sometimes I panic on Friday afternoons right before pickup.

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Diary of a Career Change: Greeting Discomfort

by Sarah Kovatch

I rush Angus and Anna off to school and rush home, right upstairs to my desk. I sit there, breathless, thinking, I have to start writing this paper today!

It is the first paper due for the evening psychology class I took this spring and I’m scared. I sit in front of my laptop unshowered. In the kitchen, the breakfast dishes bury last night’s dinner dishes.

It’s everything I’ve feared about going back to school.

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Diary of a Career Change: Status Update

by Sarah Kovatch

I’ve been writing professionally since I was 24. I’ve had up-all-night busy seasons and slow seasons, but a year hasn’t gone by where I haven’t worked as a writer in some capacity—even if it was just tutoring. Some of my acquaintances know this about me. Some do not.

What most people see is that I live the stay-at-home mom life. I’m available to volunteer in my kids’ classrooms or hang out at the playground for playdates. I wear jeans and sneakers and don’t really brush my hair. I walk my dog a lot. I serve snack after snack. I tidy up green army men, make dinner, and do errands. I go to Trader Joes so frequently that Angus and Anna refer to the workers as “mommy’s friends.” Some of them feel that way to me.

These days, when people ask me, “What are you up to?” I force myself to not mention any mom-stuff, even though it’s tempting.

It’s time to share my news.

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