Drive-by Meditation

by Sarah Kovatch

One Friday last month, I drove home tense and annoyed from spending a day in limbo at our Honda dealership. I pulled into the garage with our minivan problem still unsolved and knew I only had an hour before picking up Angus and Anna from school, and I stamped the day UNPRODUCTIVE.

Sometimes I panic on Friday afternoons right before pickup.

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Diary of a Career Change: Greeting Discomfort

by Sarah Kovatch

I rush Angus and Anna off to school and rush home, right upstairs to my desk. I sit there, breathless, thinking, I have to start writing this paper today!

It is the first paper due for the evening psychology class I took this spring and I’m scared. I sit in front of my laptop unshowered. In the kitchen, the breakfast dishes bury last night’s dinner dishes.

It’s everything I’ve feared about going back to school.

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